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Import & Customs Procedures - Preparing for Brexit

Import & Customs Procedures - Preparing for Brexit

£200 + Vat Members - £250 + Vat Non-Members. 9am - 4:30pm

Course Overview

Are you currently buying goods/components from overseas?  Are these EU or third country transactions?  Do you understand the difference?
Whether the government reaches a deal with the EU that includes a transition period, or we exit with no deal, you need to understand how your ‘arrivals’ from the EU will become imports and the associated customs procedures that will apply.  Furthermore you will need to determine the cost, process and resource implications for your business.
All too often, companies are unaware of the array of customs notices and procedures that apply to their business transactions – whether importing or exporting.  Unless staff receive adequate training, their first encounter with officialdom is often goods delayed in transit or a customs audit.  The cost of non-compliance can be high – whether this be demurrage charges at port, civil penalties or the repayment of understated duties.
If you are concerned about the potential implications for your business when we Brexit, then join us for this training focussing on the import process.  In an interactive environment, we will explore the key issues you need to consider in line with the various scenarios that currently face the UK, enabling you to prepare your business for the potential challenges ahead.


During the course delegates will gain an understanding of the following areas: 

- Key terminology
- Arrivals vs Imports
- The Import process
- Customs clearance
- Customs valuation
- Duties and VAT
- UCC and special customs procedures
- Logistics
- Cost and process implications for your business

Thursday, June 6, 2019 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Couzerns Building, Crewe Green roda
United Kingdom
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