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Human Resource Management Advanced Diploma - Designing, Delivering and Evaluating Learning

Cheshire College - South & West offers programmes which will enable learners to gain CIPD qualifications at an Advanced (Level 7) - Award or Certificate or Diploma Level. The full Diploma is required if students are to progress to full membership of CIPD and therefore our programme covers the number of credits required for Advanced Diploma level.

The full programme covers a minimum of two years of part time study followed in year three by a research project and the completion of a module demonstrating the development of Skills for Business Leadership. The flexible provisions of the programme do allow learners to arrange their studies over a different timescale e.g. to allow students to manage business and personal commitments around agreed study periods. 

Assessment by National Examination is required for two units: Leading, Managing and Developing People in the first year of our programme; and Human Resource Management in Context in the second year.  All other assessments are by nationally set assignments and other locally assessed methods. These include portfolio development; critical analyses; development proposals for the workplace; case studies; and practical activities.   

The Advanced Diploma will also provide a pathway to Chartered Membership. CIPD Advanced Level qualifications enable you to learn how to develop and implement creative and strategic HR solutions that drive organisational performance. You will also be able to develop your understanding of organisations and the external context within which HR operates

The Units in the Advanced Programme are:

Year 1:
Leading Managing and Developing People
Designing Delivering and Evaluating Learning and Development Provision
Resourcing & Talent Management


Year 2:
HRM in Context
Managing Employment Relations
Employment Law


Year 3:
Developing Skills for Business Leadership
Investigating a Business Issue from an HR perspective

The course sessions are usually held on a Monday or Thursday evening, depending on which year of study you are following.  Session times are 5.00 – 9.00, with one to one tutorials available by arrangement between 4.00 – 5.00. Year 3 sessions are a combination of set workshops and individual and group tutorials

The 2018/2019 Programmes will commence in September 2018, the actual date is yet to be confirmed.


The costs for the programme are:

Year 1£2,500
Year 2 £2,500
Year 3£2,000

In addition, students are required to take out student membership of the CIPD which costs approximately £130 (£90 membership and £40 admin) paid directly to the CIPD.  (Guidance on taking out student membership is given by your course tutor at the start of the course). 

You do not have to take out student membership before you start your course, although membership is paid annually in July, therefore to get the most out of your membership you might consider joining in July. Student membership provides access to significant study resources necessary for the programme.  More details of student membership is available on

Additionally, students will be advised to purchase the recommended unit textbook(s) which should be purchased from CIPD at a discounted price of approximately £40 per book 

 *    CCSW offers opportunities to pay college fees by instalments for self-financing students, although this facility is not available to corporate sponsors.


Thursday, April 25, 2019 4:00 pm - Thursday, June 27, 2019 9:00 pm
Crewe Campus
Dane Bank Avenue
United Kingdom
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