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Business Manifesto – ‘A Business Plan for Britain’

The UK stands at a fork in the road. The decisions taken during the term of the next Parliament will have a profound impact on our ability to grow businesses here at home and trade across the world.

For the life of the Parliament and beyond, we need a Business Plan for Britain - with governments across the UK focusing their attention on creating the best possible environment for growth, aspiration and enterprise.

South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce is an accredited member of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC)* who has published its Business Manifesto – ‘A Business Plan for Britain’ (please click on the link to read and download the Manifesto).

Video - BCC Business Manifesto: 'A Business Plan for Britain'

The Manifesto reflects the expectations of business communities across the UK, and the measures they require from any incoming government in 2015 in order to help Britain fulfil its true economic potential.

The business group, which represents thousands of businesses of all sizes across the UK, has identified seven core themes that must be at the heart of any plan for government, to ensure Britain becomes ‘a more confident, more enterprising, and more skilled trading nation’. The BCC manifesto issues a clear call to all political parties to make these priorities for growth a reality:

  • Develop the talents of the next generation
  • Support long-term business investment
  • Grow Britain’s global trade potential
  • Place business at the heart of local growth
  • Rebuild Britain’s business infrastructure
  • Drive down business costs and taxes
  • Deliver a new settlement for Britain in Europe

It also sets out a number of aspirations Chambers believe the next Government should be assessed against:

  • GDP - The fastest GDP growth rate in the G7 over the life of the next Parliament
  • Business Investment - the highest level of business investment as a % of GDP in the G7 by 2020
  • Employment - The lowest rate of youth unemployment in Europe by 2020
  • Trade - Double the value of exports of £1 trillion by 2020
  • Budget - Elimination of the UK's budget deficit and a return to surplus by 2018/19
  • Taxation - Maintain the lowest rate of corporation tax in the G20 and achieve the lowest business input taxes and charges by 2020
  • Infrastructure - Rise from 27th to top 15 in the World Economic Forum's Quality of Overall Infrastructure rankings by 2020
  • Housing - Support private-sector construction rates of at least 200,000 new homes per annum over the life of the next Parliament
  • Education and Skills - A workforce with literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills that rank in the top ten in the OECD Adult Skills Survey by 2020
  • Competitiveness - Ranked first amongst European countries for overall competitiveness by the World Economic Forum by 2020 (currently ninth overall and fifth amongst European countries)


As a business in South Cheshire you can make a real difference and ensure your voice is heard through your local Chamber by taking part in:

  • surveys that get attention
  • focus groups
  • sharing issues that matter to you

Your views, along with those of other South Cheshire businesses, will create an impact.

Please let us know your views on the Business Manifesto and your expectations as a South Cheshire business from the incoming government.


*British Chamber of Commerce is the national body for a powerful and influential network of 52 Accredited Chambers of Commerce across the UK, of which South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce is a part.  The Chamber network has business members across the range of sectors employing over 5 million people nationally.

BCC Business Manifesto 2014-15.pdf (713.22 kb, 164 views)
BCC Business Manifesto 2.jpg (130.68 kb, 171 views)