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Chamber Member Business Directory 2013 - 14

South Cheshire Chamber has published the latest directory of member businesses.

The printed Business Directory is included as an insert with the latest Summer Edition of Chamber's 4FRONT magazine.

The directory provides a comprehensive alphabetical listing of businesses for your reference purposes.

The free listing of Chamber members includes the following information about each company:

  • Company Logo
  • Company Name
  • Postal Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Web Address
  • Company Type
  • Company Keywords (wherever provided by members)

The Chamber Member Business Directory is great way for searching for a local business, for finding new partners and searching for new customers.

Download your copy from the attached link below.

Crewe Clean Team
Can you point me towards the 'download' button, please?
Many thanks,
Crewe Clean Team
Hi Nadeem. Thanks for that. When I click on 'Download', I'm prompted for a username and password.
South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce
Thanks for pointing it out . The PDF file uploaded on Issuu appears to be corrupted. I am trying to get the error free copy from the publishers. I will upload the correct copy on the same link as soon as I receive it.
- Nadeem
Crewe Clean Team
Thanks Nadeem. I won't be doing that then. You have to like their style, but I'll create my own diretory rather than pass contact details to a company who will have no need for them (in our group's case, anyway). They can always find our group in the directory if they need to get in touch!
South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce
The attached company directory has now been updated to get rid of the corrupted pages 8 and 19. Please click on the link to read online and download.
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