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Call to support micro businesses with practical digital tech training to enable growth

Three-year project with European micro businesses recommends practical training to enable digitisation and growth.

Manchester Metropolitan University has published a digitisation policy recommendation for micro businesses across Europe, after leading a three-year Erasmus+ Innovation project.

Enabling European Micro-enterprises to Digitalise and Grow highlights the challenges micro-enterprises (MEs) face when using digital technologies, including social media and cloud computing, as they often lack the knowledge, skills and resources.

However, these technologies can have a profound impact on MEs, as Claire Pattison, Enterprise Fellow at Manchester Met, explains: “Digitalising functions and processes can completely transform small businesses – it can help them to increase productivity, competitiveness, and growth.”

The report is the result of the Digitalisation of European Micro-Enterprises (DiTEM) project, a consortium of seven partners from six European countries, including Finland, Belgium and Italy.

Through DiTEM, MEs explored digital technologies, such as big data and social media marketing, that could transform aspects of their businesses. Each ME attended face-to-face workshops and completed a series of e-learning modules on the online platform created for the project.

The report makes four recommendations to empower MEs to successfully implement digital technologies into their businesses:

  • More training is needed
  • Development of a European digitalisation platform for SMEs and micro-enterprises (0 – 25 employees)
  • Programmes supporting digital transformation
  • Policy commitment

The DiTEM online learning platform is open access, allowing micro-enterprises to complete the e-learning modules in their own time – and at no cost to their businesses.

Explore the modules.

Learn more about DiTEM and read the report.


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