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Heart Failure Sucks

Family-owned Swansway Motor Group is supporting charity, Pumping Marvellous, to take its message about heart failure on the road with its #SuckaLemonChallenge; Volkswagen Van Centre in Preston, Lancashire, part of Crewe-based Swansway, has loaned the charity a van.

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Pumping Marvellous is a charity which specifically supports patients with heart failure; people think, heart failure is a heart attack, but it’s not, its an overall term for anyone whose heart is not working as it should do and is a condition that people have to live with, rather than an event which happens to them.

Pumping Marvellous call it ‘heart inefficiency’ and although it can be the result of a heart attack, it can also happen as the result of many other causes, including, a virus or infection, alcohol abuse, an overactive thyroid and many other unrelated issues.

People with heart failure often have to live with unpleasant symptoms including extreme tiredness, breathlessness fluid retention and many others.

Gareth Hughes, Head of Business at the VW Van Centre, part of family-owned Swansway Motor Group, commented, “When we were approached by Pumping Marvellous I spoke to our team about it and found out two of them have parents living with heart failure.

“As a family business we wanted to support them, and their parents,so decided to lend Pumping Marvellous a van to go around the country promoting their #SuckaLemonChallenge, because heart failure sucks We wish them every success in raising awareness up and down the country”, added Gareth.

 Join our VW Van Centre team; grab your lemons and get involved with #SuckaLemonChallenge here.




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