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Is My Business Modern Slavery Compliant

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Is my business MSA 2015 compliant?

If your annual turnover is likely to exceed £36million,

Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act states that companies must engage in due diligence to find risks and produce robust statements detailing the steps they have taken that year to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking from their operations and supply chains.​

In order to comply you must:​

Monitor and ensure your supply chains are not implicated in supporting organised crime and are free of labour abuse and slavery.​

Produce an annual Modern Slavery statement.​

Have board approval of the statement signed by the company director.​

Publish your Modern Slavery Statement on your company website.


What If I Haven't Complied?

Both your company and senior persons within the company are at risk of breaching UK law. ​

​The company and senior persons risk facing prosecution.​

​The company is at risk of serious brand and reputational damage should the failings be exposed.



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