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Social Media and Digital Marketing: Learn from the best!

An Introductory Workshop

Q. What have the following got in common:  Joe Wicks: The Body Coach, Ford, McDonald’s and SCCCI?
A.  They all use Social Media in systematic, planned, and creative ways.  They understand that effective use of Social Media rests on 3 key considerations:

  • Targetted Connections
  • Authentic Helpfulness
  • Meaningful Content

Are these the foundations of your Social Media Policy?   Does your organisation have a Social Media Policy?
This introductory workshop uses a series of case studies to illuminate the factors that enable some businesses to excel in using Social Media as a marketing and promotional tool.
Participants will learn how:

  • Social Media fits into the objectives and marketing of your business.
  • To select Social Media tools and channels for your business
  • To measure the success of using social media tools and channels.
  • Social media policy and guidelines can impact on your business
  • To manage perception changes in your business’s reputation.
  • To monitor how your business is using Social Media

This workshop covers the learning outcomes for the first unit in the Level 3 Diploma Social Media for Business.  For more information about this exciting qualification contact
The workshop fee will be refunded for learners who enrol on the Level 3 Diploma in Social Media for Business.

For lots of great social media content ideas have a look at this link:

Social media can be increasingly time consuming why not try tools like Buffer or Postplanner. 






Wednesday, April 27, 2016 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Electra House
Electra Way, Crewe Business Park
United Kingdom
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