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"Brexit Effect & Managing risk". Just one of the training courses your Chamber has to offer.

The following traning courses are now available:- 

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Introduction to the Export Process    Tues 21st May  9am-4:30pm
£200 + VAT Members £250 + VAT Non Members

This full day course covers the key aspects of international trade from a very practical perspective.  It is suitable for companies exporting products to overseas markets (it is not relevant for service companies).  Everyone within an organisation is involved in the export process in some way, however those staff who have a greater responsibility for ensuring that goods are suitable for export markets, shipped correctly and maintaining appropriate records will benefit the most from participation.

The Brexit Effect & Managing risk   Wed 22nd May  9am-4:30pm
£200 + VAT Members £250 + VAT Non Members
This course is designed to give you the most up to date position on Brexit and how this might affect your business, and to give you some guidance on how to address issues this may raise.  Furthermore, we will explore risk in international trade and how to identify and mitigate this in order to make informed decisions about opportunities for export growth.

Import & Customs Procedures – Preparing for Brexit Thurs 6th June  9am-4:30pm
£200 + VAT Members £250 + VAT Non Members
Whether the government reaches a deal with the EU that includes a transition period, or we exit with no deal, you need to understand how your ‘arrivals’ from the EU will become imports and the associated customs procedures that will apply.  Furthermore you will need to determine the cost, process and resource implications for your business. If you are concerned about the potential implications for your business when we Brexit, then join us for this training focussing on the import process.  In an interactive environment, we will explore the key issues you need to consider in line with the various scenarios that currently face the UK, enabling you to prepare your business for the potential challenges ahead.

Export Documents      Thurs 13th June 1pm-4:30pm
£125 + VAT Members £140 + VAT Non Members  
Do you know why your customers request particular export documents?  Do you understand the difference between preference and non-preference documents – and the legal implications of issuing these?  Do you know which documents you are required to keep to satisfy an HMRC audit? During this course delegates will learn about the different commercial, transport and compliance documentation for international shipments, why these are needed and the application process.  They will leave with an understanding of how to fulfil customer requirements with confidence and how to approach the record keeping process in-house.

Methods of Payment and Letters of Credit  Tues 18th June  9am-4:30pm
£200 + VAT Members £250 + VAT Non Members
This full day course explores payment options available in international trade and their associated risks in an interactive environment. It is suitable for staff within an organisation who have a responsibility for export finance, developing business in overseas markets and negotiating payment terms with international customers.  None of these departments can work in isolation, and it is essential that some of the key information is shared with colleagues so that they understand the importance of processing the export order correctly in order to get paid!

Incoterms      Tues 25th June  9am-12:30pm
£125 + VAT Members £140 + VAT Non Members
The correct use of incoterms is essential for the successful movement of goods from the UK to international customers.  Getting this wrong can lead to delays, penalties, problems with payment and unhappy customers.  Furthermore, your company may incur additional charges which erode profit margins. 
This course is suitable for staff within an organisation who have a responsibility for developing business in overseas markets and/or processing export orders.  Everyone needs to understand the significance of Incoterms ® 2010 in the export process (particularly liability and insurance issues).

For further details and to book on the training courses follow: alternatively contact Jacqui Morris International Trade Manager 01270 445 406