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Featured Profile in The Chartered Society of Designers 'The Designer'!

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Creativity runs in the family for Lynsey, she told the Society about her interesting family background- “They are proud of my achievements, but I have a lot to live up to... Granddad designed and built kit cars and even replicated old masters including Rembrandts for his clients; Great Uncle John worked with him and was asked by Peter Morgan to design their Morgan Plus 4 Plus, specifically so a lady wouldn’t have to remove her hat to get in the car – that’s what gave the classic its bulbous roof. Great Aunt Gwen is the president of a watercolour society in Vancouver and her husband, Arthur, was taught painting by Sir Henry Moore. Great Great Uncle Harry won a lifetime supply of mints by entering a competition and writing the ‘Murray Mints Murray Mints, too good hurry mints’ song… so creativity is in the genes, but I’m still working on winning a competition for an on-going supply of sweets!”

With such a background is not surprise that Lynsey was free to choose a career that better suited her abilities. “I’ve been lucky as I have always known that I was going to be an artist or a designer. My parents are artistic, and therefore I was never told to get a ‘proper’ job and always encouraged to believe in my abilities. I view design as solving visual puzzles, I have always been fascinated by line, form and colour, and the effect it can have upon people. With every project and client I am reminded of what Charles Eames said: “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” It’s so rewarding to be able to understand what a client is trying to achieve, and then to solve that puzzle. I don’t tire of it, and there are opportunities to be fresh and imaginative every day.”

Lynsey’s dream has always been to start her own agency, which she accomplished in 2009. She spoke to us about her pathway to achieving this goal and some of her previous experiences working at design agencies in the UK: “I’ve had quite an unorthodox career, after graduating I completed a work placement in London, and then walked into a job at a design agency, local to my family home in Cheshire. I’ve never actually had to show a CV and have been fortunate enough to gain employment by recommendation and portfolio alone. Having gained experience in three different agencies it gave me the confidence to co-found trCREATIVE in 2009.”

trCREATIVE offers a variety of different services including corporate identity, branding, brand and marketing strategy, UX / UI design, web development, graphic design, packaging, copy-writing, and PR. “We work with a whole host of clients from start-ups to large multinationals in many fields. It’s the variety that keeps the job exciting for me. New technologies, such as Augmented Reality and the advance in website capabilities, add to the thrill of working in our agency environment. I see them as new ways of conveying an idea and it is wonderful not to feel restricted or inhibited by different media.”

Some of Lynsey projects are shown here which include: Warble Entertainment Agency
 Established in 2006, Warble Entertainment is an entertainment agency with a vast experience in organising weddings, parties, corporate events, balls, festivals, exhibitions and award ceremonies.


The Challenge – “The client asked trCREATIVE to re-brand Warble with a fun new identity that reflected the company’s ethos and offerings, and that attracted more high profile clients and grew their client base.”


The Solution – “We developed a CRM to help them progress their company to the next level and help them run their business much more smoothly. Lynsey drew inspiration from their name, Warble, and translated it into a hand-drawn illustrative bird to give their new look distinction and an element of fun, utilising jQuery. The new branding is flexible across their whole offer, giving them plenty of fresh and flexible ‘bang’ for their logo ‘buck’. The Warble Entertainment branding and associated marketing work has been featured in Creative Review and THEDRUM online.”

Another contrasting project was: ctchealthcare
, which specialises in injury prevention and health management. It has progressed from a one-man physiotherapy clinic in 1994 to a large company that delivers physiotherapy and well being services nationwide.

The Challenge – “This company was looking for a re-brand to reflect its activities and ambitions today. trCREATIVE was asked to take the new brand through into a responsive website and supporting promotional material.”


The Solution – “trCREATIVE developed an identity that promotes energy, growth, happiness, health and well-being, whilst still offering an authoritative and trusted feel. The new logo subtly incorporates the letters CTC, with the Cs reflected in two interlocking halves of the orange sun. The blue letter T or + is a positive and powerful motif the sits at the centre of the logo.”

TheDesigner asked Lynsey for some words of advice to graduates entering the graphic design sector in the current economic climate, here is what she shared with us: “Always show your inspiration, your ideas and train of thought. Your ideas are the most important aspect of design. Implementing them is an on-going process - how you refine them with changing trends and technology developments. If you are passionate about design and have a thirst for knowledge and creativity, it will be infectious and attractive, and your commitment and enthusiasm will shine through your work.  Make yourself as accessible as possible by having online portfolios. If you don’t have any commercial work, create some of your own fake briefs to show potential employees your abilities and understanding of commercial challenges. Never be afraid to ask questions. Be enthusiastic, positive and get involved. If you stop pushing yourself, you stop learning, and if you stop learning you stop evolving.”

As to why she joined the Society, Lynsey is clear about it: “I became aware of the CSD about 10 years ago and have wanted to become a member ever since. Professionally it makes me feel validated and I feel it helps me win jobs by being associated with the Society.”