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Not so much Jive Talkin’ more a case of Stayin’ Alive

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I was feeling rather proud of myself the other week where following several painful sessions at the gym, I did begin to notice a slight easing on the notches of my trouser belt. So much so in fact that at a family wedding in August I found that I could slip comfortably into a suit I had bought several years earlier but had never quite persuaded was really my size.

I thought that this was great but my family were less than impressed with the flared hipster trousers and the wide lapel jacket with matching kipper tie. Still, it did fit, and to quote Yves Saint Laurent, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

In business, owners have a constant battle deciding when to move on and invest in innovation or perhaps to go back to something they already have and know and try and adapt it to their current needs.

There is no right answer but both options should be considered before any final decision. The ‘make do and adapt’ option can only work so many times but the ‘innovation and investment’ route may not be easily afforded.

At the Chamber we do have funds available to invest in either option and we also have access to lenders where funds for plant and machinery are their specialism; and in certain of these cases, grants are available.

Businesses need to move on if they are to stay in the race and we continue to meet with business owners to discuss options for growth where talking to an impartial third party can often focus the mind in deciding the route to take.

I don’t know how many of you saw the recent survey that had Crewe at number 3 in the country’s best places to live (behind Chester and Beverley). The ranking was scored on affordability, employment, internet connectivity, schools and local amenities. With the longer term potential of HS2 also highlighted, there is every reason to feel optimistic towards the local economy. I seem to recall something about the Alex being likely Champions League contenders by 2025 but somehow this reference appears to have disappeared.

Get in touch if you think you may want to invest further in your business to anticipate these opportunities.

As for the wedding – well I had a great time. My Travolta impersonation went down a treat (did I tell you the suit was white?) Now where’s that Bee Gees’ CD?