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Perfume from Chanel or sticky back plastic and used Fairy Liquid bottles

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Nowadays I regularly find packages over the gate at the side of the house, or hidden in the wheelie bins or indeed squeezed through a letter box barely large enough to accommodate the width, before realising just how much we as a family buy from Amazon.

Whilst securing an internal degree of satisfaction at being able to sustain the planet by recycling so much cardboard and paper packaging, it does leave me to reflect upon how things had changed over the past 10 years.

The truth here is that the growth in on-line shopping has seen Amazon become a massive player in this field at the expense of many longstanding High Street names.

Ironically, Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon argues that his company forward plans focus more on things that are not going to change over the next 10 years rather than things that are.

He argues that you can build a reliable company strategy on what is certain, where he states that Amazon customers will always want low prices, fast delivery and vast selection. By concentrating on something you know will still be true in 10 years’ time for your business, he argues that you can afford to put most of your strategic energy into these areas.

Whilst in banking, many of my business owner clients would ask me where the current growth area was. The fact was then and is now that it can be any sector. You do not necessarily have to be ahead of the game all the time but can arguably be more successful by developing and refining what you already offer.

In terms of Amazon they ask these simple questions – “Can I supply cheaper?”, “Can I supply quicker?” and “Can I increase the product range I offer?”

The message here is that if you are a business established in the market place then you may not need to innovate in terms of product to still be here in 10 years.

Amazon Prime is a good example of how the company has brought its delivery down to next day and headlined it as free but accessed via an annual subscription of around £80. Hardly innovative is it? It is however surely great thinking for improving the return on what you already do.

If you have ideas for improving your business performance then the Chamber can help with funding particularly where by doing so you are either preserving or creating employment in the local area.

I have started planning for later this year where all the Christmas presents I shall give will be made out of recycled Amazon boxes and envelopes. I have acquired the Blue Peter Creative Recycling book, via our friendly local Nantwich Book Shop, and look forward to the joyous reception when such presents are opened by family and friends alike on Christmas Day 2015.

Thinking about it and seeing a photo of Mrs W across the desk….picturing her reaction in my mind’s eye, perhaps I should try not to be so innovative but rely upon what I know, in line with Mr Bezos.