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Don't book First Aid for Mental Health Training before you read this article......

Trends such as leaveism and presenteeism in the workplace is costing employers on average £1350 per employee each year. Not only are these costs recoverable, but the return on investment from mental health and well-being programmes, designed to prevent such conditions developing, are proven to be as high as 8:1. 

There are many providers of First Aid for Mental Health training, but how do you make sure that you are booking the right one? Here are some questions you may wish to ask.

  1. Would you prefer your employees to receive a Qualification or Certificate of Attendance?

  2. Would you feel more comfortable knowing that your colleagues have been tested on their knowledge prior to taking a full and active part in your mental health at work strategy?

  3. Would you wish one colleague to be trained in First Aid for Mental Health at a charge of £200+VAT or more, or alternatively have the ability and finances to develop 3 colleagues instead at £70+VAT without compromising on quality?

There is no point in driving a bus with only one or two passengers. It is essential that these courses are priced correctly to increase the awareness and knowledge of the many and not the few. I am proud to offer First Aid for Mental Health courses that deliver on your desired goals. I offer company exclusive and amalgamated courses which are:

  1. A certified course with a Level 1, 2 or 3 qualification for your colleague subject to passing the end of course assessment.

  2. Awareness in First Aid for Mental Health - a 4 hour learning experience for only £45+VAT per delegate.

  3. First Aid in Mental Health Level 2 - a 6 hour learning experience for only £70+VAT per delegate.

  4. Supervising First Aid for Mental Health - a 12 hour learning experience for only £95+VAT per delegate.

If you would like to receive a copy of my prospectus, learn more, or make a booking, please contact me.

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Tel: 07368211595

LinkedIn - DM me and I will come back to you.

Some final thoughts:

National and international statistics suggest that all organisations will have team members who are struggling with their mental health. Research also confirms that affected individuals will develop difficulties in performing their role to the required standard. Due to the continued stigma associated with mental health, many employees choose to remain silent about their conditions for fear of discrimination. However, the same studies concur that once a mental health condition is diagnosed, with help and treatment, the same employees will thrive at work.

These qualifications provide learners with the knowledge to recognise a range of mental health conditions, how to start a supportive conversation and when and how to signpost a person to seek appropriate professional help. Learners will become more informed, equipped to improve their own mental health and well-being, create a more lucrative working culture, and become more successful in their working and private lives. 

N.B - This article is not suggesting that the course or training provided by reputable consultants is not of good quality, only that Mental Health Training should be delivered at a fair price which increases the number of people who are given the opportunity to grow.

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