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Time to Change

It is often said by organisations that ‘our people are our most important asset’. This has never been more true. If we primarily employ people for their minds, it makes business sense to ensure employees are as mentally healthy and as productive as possible.

I am encouraged by the amount of companies who are now taking the proactive step to invest in improving their organisational culture by breaking the stigma associated with Mental Health conditions.

So how can I help?

With fresh eyes I aid HR and People directors to:

1. Identify gaps between the aspirations of their mental health-related policies, and actual practice and culture.
2. Highlight discrepancies between the perceptions of management and those of employees with mental health problems about how the latter are supported.
3. Improve the ability of managers to support people with mental health problems.
4. Facilitate practical steps which organisations can take to close these gaps.

Mental Health is a cost an organisation can ill afford to ignore or suffer the consequences of. To discuss how I can assist in reversing the trend from cost to profit/colleague development, give me a call.


Angela Wilkinson
If more companies concentrated on staff well being they would get a lot more loyalty and higher production. I heard some scandinavian countries are looking at a 4 day week to give their employees more time with their families!
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