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Friday Fun Post

Friday Fun day


I have vivid memories of Sundays as a child. Going to church, visiting grandparents, playing with my friends, and Sunday Roasts (they are still my favourite).


Sunday was a time when the family were together, for many Sunday trading took care of that. Do we really drink more milk, buy more groceries, or buy more cars because we are open on Sunday's?


I often wonder has the economy truly grown as a result of the decision, or is the growth outweighed by the cost of societal problems, created through lack of time and human connection in which 24 hour trading has had on the family unit?


Anyway, on a lighter note. Sunday TV gave us some classics:

Bullseye - My Nan's favourite.

Points of View

Ski Sunday.

Hart to Hart

London's Burning

Hale and Pace

Spitting Image

Worzel Gummidge

Surprise Surprise - One for my mum.

The theme for Howard's Way - never watched it but that was the moment I knew my favourite programme was about to start.


Here is the theme, absolute classic, sing along everyone.

 Have a great Friday and weekend one and all.

Angela Wilkinson
Cant beat a bit of Bully !!
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