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New webinar now live: Reflective Practices with Roxana Lawton

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What have you learnt about yourself and your business during the lockdown? In this week's video, Enterprise Fellow Roxy Lawton explores how you can critically reflect on the past few months to identify the key lessons for your small business to learn, evolve and build back better.

Watch the webinar now.

Getting Through and Getting On: A Guide for Small Businesses

Our new business support series is an opportunity for you to access our team’s knowledge from afar, and work on some of the practical tasks we typically explore in our face-to-face workshops.

It's designed to help you assess your business position and look at the aspects you can influence.

From our work with entrepreneurs, we know that business support isn’t simply about offering technical skills. It’s also about helping you to regain confidence and build your personal resilience. In our series, we're covering both mindset and technical skills to help you create personal and business resilience.

We hope this series will help you to prioritise tasks, seek new opportunities, and help you to navigate your business through tough times.

Watch episodes 1 - 9

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