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Are you paying too much for your Annual Fire Extinguisher Servicing....?

Q. Are you paying too much for ‘Fire Extinguisher Servicing’?

Dear Members,

Do you want to reduce your annual business fire safety running costs?

This essential service is required annually, in compliance with your business insurance T&Cs and fire risk assessment, but on the balance of probability, you will have been paying far too much for it!

Annual Fire Extinguisher Servicing does not make your business money, but it is essential to maintain fire safety compliance, so why pay over the odds for it?

Personally, you will most likely shop around for your car insurance, house insurance, and vehicle servicing, Etc., so why not for your business running costs?

It is very clear, from the assessments carried out by Francis Fire Protection Services, that businesses throughout Cheshire are paying at least 40% more than they should be!

This valuable saving, by using Francis Fire Protection Services for your fire extinguisher servicing and equipment, will ensure your hard-earned business profits stay with you!

Save money straight away, contact 01625365199 to request your without-charge ‘Fire Extinguisher Business Assessment’ and personalised quotation.

20% Covid-19 New Fire Extinguisher Discount Code: SCCOC20%

Francis Fire Protection Services Ltd

121 Chestergate, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 6DP

01625 365199

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Jon Barnes
Excellent Wayne! Hopefully businesses will take advantage of the discount!
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