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Where Ware Wears Weary Wearers

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Recently, the press has been making hay with a story surrounding a young lady’s dress code whilst taking a flight. Cabin staff considered it inappropriate and asked her to add to her in-flight wardrobe thereby covering up more of her upper body.

The word ‘inappropriate’ has gained more significance in the English language in recent years as a polite expression of disquiet. It is a diluted version of what used to be ‘wrong’, ‘offensive’ or simply’ ‘in bloody bad taste’. By its use a person or organisation can hide behind semantics so as not to appear too harsh or bigoted.

I recall working for the Bank in Oldham during the Summer of 1976 which was a scorcher. At around 2pm just as the pies in Oldham began busting in the baker’s window (although by 2pm as was the case on any day in that town, there  were only a handful left), our manager advised all the gentlemen ( for that is what we were in those day), that they might remove their ties.

By 2.20pm Head Office in Rochdale had received a call from a customer (Disgusted of Glodwick) expressing concern that the male staff of the bank were ‘inappropriately’ dressed. We were immediately instructed to reapply our ties and carry on as befits bank clerks. Thank goodness the starched wing collar had disappeared by then. (Just).

Fast forward 40 years or so and the tie is clearly disappearing from the male wardrobe. Personally I blame the Accountants for the current malaise of tieless attire. In my mind they were the first to divest in this way which at the time appeared shocking on a par with that exhibited by the cast of the musicals ‘Hair’ and Oh! Calcutta! in the 60’s and 70’s. Were we on the slippery slope?

The Solicitors have since followed suit and I can see that there are signs that the Bankers are beginning to follow. What next? Undertakers in Hawaiian shirts?

Surely though as long as we do what we do in an inoffensive way and we earn recognition through what we do and how we do it rather than what we wear when doing it then hopefully we will all get through daily life without apoplexy, annoyance or ill feeling.

Should you share this low level target for getting through the day and seek to invest in your business in a manner against which your customers couldn’t give two hoots whether you visit them dressed as either one of the Chippendales or a Japanese Admiral, then contact us at South Cheshire Development Agency where we have funds to lend for business growth.

Just to warn you I am going through my ‘Child of the Sixties ‘Phase so please if we meet up don’t consider my kaftan, Levis and beads to be ‘wrong, offensive or in bad taste’ nor my face painted with flowers as being in any way ‘inappropriate’.

Peace and Love.