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Is it a case of Walk Away Renee, Reach Out I’ll Be There or Going Loco Down in Porto Christo (with apologies to the Four Tops).

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As we start a New Year it is worth reflecting on the pleasures of a period which was almost Brexit free. Whether this was a good thing given the slowly ebbing sands of time until the end of March, is debatable with calls pre-Christmas for the House to remain in session.
One thing that is certain is the need for matters to progress quickly over the first few days of 2019. It seems pointless to me for politicians to be telling their constituents what should happen when the decision making process, rightly or wrongly, lies within Parliament.
The Chamber President claimed many months ago, just after the 2016 vote, that Brexit was too important to leave to the politicians and he has been proved right.
We are currently experiencing intra party and cross party posturing aimed at either leadership challenges or general election canvasing with the perpetrators anxious not to play their hands at the wrong time. It all serves to add to the confusion which helps no one.
I was looking at a May break in Europe but because I usually drive I felt uncertain about the situation for both access to the Channel ports and driving in Europe post Brexit.
This uncertainty is clearly bad for business. You have only to look at the commercial traffic currently in both the UK and Northern Europe to realise that a No-Deal Brexit could be disastrous for our economy.
Locally we are no different. Our businesses need a degree of certainty which only an agreed exit strategy, however woolly and however many shortcomings such a deal may have. I am convinced that we shall be in a much stronger position once we have exited the EU and as every negotiator worth his or her salt will tell you, the main gains are easier to access once the initial concessions have been given and the other party perceives his/her position has been established.
So for the good of the country, not the Party, let’s get on with it and if we have any part to play in the coming days then hopefully it is for us to ensure that our MPs to carry this thought with them as they enter the voting lobbies.
If you would welcome a chat about your concerns re the coming months or maybe you are looking at funding contingency plans then give me a call at South Cheshire Development Agency on 01270 445407.
I am currently stocking up on bratwurst sausage, snails in garlic and eels in aspic. Such endeavours are unlikely to impinge upon my cash flow but if your needs are greater and of a different ilk then perhaps a call may help.
Bon chance mes amis.