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Quickstep, Sidestep, Instep but not Overstep

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As the country sits on the brink of its greatest economic and social change in recent history, it is comforting to know that the press are fully focused on the real issues of the day by headlining some indiscretion involving a dancer and a comedian (who I have never heard of) who are currently performing on what is, apparently the most popular TV programme currently on air.

With such priorities it is not surprising that the Irish Border issue passed under the radar during the Brexit vote debate just over 2 years ago. Mind you it appears that the trade and customs issues also failed to grab the headlines at the time in favour of financing the EU, human rights and legislation.

With so many media outlets now used it is not surprising that our grasp on reality is slipping and the current malaise of fake news prevails.

Having said this I remember sitting attentively to the spokesperson from the Ministry of Defence or wherever providing daily updates on the Falklands War back in 1982. In those days we took everything he said as gospel although history has shown that perhaps we were naïve to do so. Where was the alternative voice then?

We have to believe that the variety of news sources both true and fake is a welcome step forward and with the internet in our hands then if we can be bothered we have the tools to sift the wheat from the chaff.

I have always found the appraisal of requests from clients to borrow money for their businesses a difficult art. And so it should be.

The figures can lie as we have discovered via Patisserie Valerie only this week. The expression ‘black hole’ is now an accepted (albeit unacceptable) accountancy phrase.

What can provide the most informative guide is the person sat opposite you. It is difficult for anyone to hoodwink you for a full hour when you are asking the questions drilling down through a paper or e-mail application for funds.

When I joined the bank I was told to use the mnemonic CAMPARI in my lending assessments. Not surprisingly the first and most important letter ‘C’ stood for Character.

South Cheshire Development Agency will continue to support local businesses with funding where we can. The fact that you are seen snogging your dance partner outside the Winsford Locarno may be immaterial to us in assessing any proposal to borrow from our fund but it might lead us to believe you are more Quickstep and Jive than Viennese Waltz which might not be a good thing.

Keep Dancing !