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Borders, Hoarders, Afforders and Disorders

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I find it rather odd that what now appears to be a major issue in the government’s ongoing Brexit negotiations was not considered by the vast majority of those people who voted originally in June 2016.

I strongly suspect that only the voters of Northern Ireland would have been interested in the Irish Border Issue two years ago, although with the province voting to leave, this suggests that even this thought may be misplaced and perhaps a little optimistic in any assessment of the issue pre referendum vote.

An election contested on headline issues surrounding immigration, governance and funding has now evolved into a sea of related issues where arguably the depth and complexity of some, suggests that everyone involved in these debates may be drowning.

It does seem odd to me that one of the biggest decisions to be made in our country’s history has been based upon issues which were not considered, let alone debated. 

That’s not to say that we should all be rallying behind those two bastions of British Political Integrity – Messrs Blair and Clegg in seeking a second election as I, for one, find the attitude of Europe to our democratic decision as being poor at best.

It’s all about consequences.

I remember dealing with a company many years ago that won a contract from a large machinery builder in Staffordshire for a particular component part. It was only later down the line that having costed out the item and quoted for same that the true cost emerged by the end user adopting, what was then a relatively new concept of Just In Time call off with its suppliers, where this particular component relied upon two smaller parts supplied by another two companies.

As expected the main part supplier was expected to hold a substantial stockholding of the item on behalf of the end user, where he had paid the smaller suppliers for their parts. Understandably then this resulted in a major impact upon company cash flow.

It’s often a good idea to bounce ideas around with other team members and/or your professional support until you can feel confident that you have all angles covered. Perhaps Messrs Cameron, Farage and Johnson should have adopted this line back in 2016.

At the Development Agency we too can add our voice to your plans where we can look objectively at your plan and not only provide advice based on over 40 years’ experience of dealing with local businesses but where required provide the necessary funding to set you on your way.

Perhaps perversely we are currently paying no regard to any potential future issues that may arise concerning the Crewe/Nantwich border. We provide no subsidies to the less fortunate areas of Cheshire East and welcome a diverse and open cultural existence. It only now needs the Alex to win the Champions League for our status in Europe to be affirmed ad infinitum.