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The Weston Biltong Company Ltd
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The Weston Biltong Company Ltd · Food/Soft Beverages (inc frozen food & meat) · Based in Crewe
Company Profile
The Weston Biltong Company was formed in May 2016 after a hobby of making Biltong for ourselves started to turn into making lots of Biltong for other people!

On our first visit to Africa in 2009 to visit my parents we were introduced to the South African snack that is Biltong. A tender, seasoned and dried meat that is eaten as us in the UK would eat crisps. The perfect partner to a cold beer.

On our return to the UK we failed to find Biltong that tasted anything like that in South Africa so a hobby drier was gifted as a Birthday present. That as they say is how the story began.

We have gone from making 2-3kg a month for our own consumption to drying up to 500kg of locally sourced British Beef every week for enjoyment across the UK.
What We Do
Biltong is simply air dried meat which originates in South Africa and is a tradition going back to the Dutch forefathers. Any meat can be made into Biltong, traditionally South African have used Kudu and Springbok.

However, British Farming runs through our veins and it is therefore very important to us that we use only Red Tractor approved British Beef in all our products.

What makes us slightly different to other Biltong producers is the number of flavours we offer. We quickly realised that the UK market preferred something they could recognise, the thought of just eating dried beef didn't appeal at first. We started to experiment and now have over twenty different flavours ranging from savoury, sweet, unusual through to the ridiculously spicy of Carolina Reaper flavour. More flavours are constantly under testing and once perfected will be launched and added to our range.

All our Biltong is made at home, having had our garage converted into a food manufacturing 'mini' plant. Our 'Den' is now our office and we can quite often be found sat around the dining table (kids as well) adding labels to the bags ready for packing.

Our week days are taking up with drying, cutting, packing and delivering our Biltong to outlets across the UK and our weekends attending various food festivals and events up and down the country including Tom Kerridges Pub in the Parks, Countryfile Live and The Ideal Home Show, of course not forgetting our local shows including Nantwich Agricultural show, The Cheshire County Show and Nantwich Food Festival.
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The Weston Biltong Company Ltd
The Weston Biltong Company Ltd
Does anyone know of any small industrial units that may be for sale around Crewe? Just starting to look at expansion and perhaps moving into premises, around the 1000 sq ft size. Any help greatly app...
The Weston Biltong Company Ltd
Any Game of Thrones fans may recognise this as The Hound, take a look at what he is holding, YES it is Biltong from The Weston Biltong Company! who else can say their Biltong is 7 Kingdoms worthy? 18 ...
Angela Wilkinson
Amazing cant wait to watch the last episode tonight!!!
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The Weston Biltong Company Ltd
Loved showing Jacqui Morris our little business this morning and the magic that happens behind our garage door! (It's a bit like Narnia for Biltong lovers!) some brilliant discussions and advice given...
The Weston Biltong Company Ltd
The Weston Biltong Company Ltd
The Weston Biltong Company Ltd
We have two contacts now in Europe that want us to supply our products to them but it seems to be an export minefield! As we produce a meat product everything I read seems to contradict something else...
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The Weston Biltong Company Ltd
Hi Jacqui, no we haven't had anything yet. I contacted Cllr Peter Groves as he was part of the Dabbers Den Panel and he mentioned a course or something we could attend but he hasn't replied as yet.
Jacqui Morris
Give me a call when you have a minute 07867785252. I'm sure I can help. regards Jacqui
The Weston Biltong Company Ltd
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