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Automotive Minds Ltd
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Automotive Minds Ltd · Consultants (Business/Management) · Based in Northwich
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When looking at improving the mental health and wellbeing of family, friends, colleagues; it is paramount that an holistic approach is adopted. Prevention through connection is the most powerful means of achieving less suicides each year, and allowing people who experience poor mental health to live full and active lives.

FSL Mental Health (Trading at Automotive Minds Ltd) is here for those who wish to take action, not those looking for a PR campaign.
What We Do
I create bespoke strategies, solutions and programs to deliver profound and sustainable results. No two people or businesses are the same, therefore an off the peg approach will never fit perfectly or delivery tangible benefits for the long term. Understanding Mental Health improves our wellbeing which in turn allows us to serve our families, employers, and society better.

In the workplace, mental health and wellbeing is the number one area in which a business can gain the greatest return of investment. The strategies I create complement the overall business strategy. When implemented with precision, a mental health in the workplace strategy will attract the best talent, create inclusion, reduce recruitment costs, improve customer service, increase sales, and deliver an unrivalled reputation for excellence.

Integrity is vital in any business relationship, even though I am a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, MHFA training is only 5% of the overall strategy. Surrounding this one solution needs to be a well defined strategy which centres on prevention.

My Proposal:

Research and Discovery - Over a period of 2 days I immerse myself in the business to establish an insight into the current provisions, working environment, organisational culture, and working practices from a fresh eyes perspective.

Debrief - The raw data collected during research and discovery days are presented and discussed with the leadership team and invited attendees. Full Q & A and idea generation and appoint a board sponsor.

Strategy Build - Working with key stakeholders we create a bespoke strategy that fully enhance the organisational culture, colleague experience and business results.

Colleague Cascade and Phased Roll Out - Communicate the strategy to colleagues across the business and roll out phase one including full training and development.

Measure - To ensure all elements of the mental health at work strategy are having a positive impact.

Phasing the roll out allows the business to can gain clarity as to the benefits that each stage is delivering.

Contact me for more info.
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Automotive Minds Ltd
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