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The Alley Ways Project

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For the past couple of weekends several of our members have been helping with a project initiated by another of our members, Kieran Mullan.  Other groups helping out include Crewe Residents Against Fly Tipping and Grots Spots (CRAFT), Anfield Alley Angels and Goodgym Crewe.   Radius Payment Solutions Limited is generously providing funding. 

Before work started, local residents were informed of what was going to happen and asked if they would like to get involved.  (Frankly, wthout their involvement, there is no point in doing what we are doing).  A week later, we descended on the alleyway and set about removing any rubbish and weeding the paths.  The response from residents has been brilliant.  We have had four two-hour sessions and the difference is remarkable.  Some pots and planted gutters have been put on the walls of those residents who are happy to care for them.  We have several ideas about what else we can do, but it’s already clear that the people who live there want this space back as a place to meet, relax, play and, perhaps, hold celebrations when appropriate.

There were several initial (zoom) meetings, but the start of the practical work was timed to coincide with the initiation of Cheshire East's 'Cleaner Crewe' project.  This is designed to educate residents about what should and shouldn't be put in their bins, when and where those bins should be placed for collection and when those bins should be removed from the streets.  The penalties for not following the rules and for fly tipping and littering have been made clear and there has been an extra presence on the streets to answer queries and gather intelligence.  It is important that residents getting involved in the alley ways project should feel that any work carried out would not be a waste of time.

It is very early days.  Obviously, we didn't pick the 'worst' alley way to start with and the level of community involvement has been encouraging, but what will the alley way look like in six months?  There will be people who live there who have been accustomed to dumping their stuff in the alley way and, no doubt, they will continue to do so.  If and when they do, they will be told that what happened in the past is no longer acceptable and they will feel the effect of peer pressure for the first time, as the community protects what it now has.  New residents will be welcomed and the ‘rules’ will be explained to them.

We are all optimistic but we also know that there will be lessons to be learned from this first effort.  Conversely, because each alley has it’s own specific character, there will be different challenges to face each time. 

Here are some photos, showing what has been achieved so far:


Alley Ways Poster.jpg (102.49 kb, 8 views)