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Inner Trust's Covid-19 Response

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We have been working for the past several months with Springfield School, Holmes Chapel Comprehensive and Wishing Well Crewe, we took some of our projects online to help young people to cope with some of the issues they may face in lockdown, especially around isolation and depression. The sessions are free to Schools and groups in Cheshire East.

Capture Crew:
Enabling young people to have a voice, reduce isolation and improve their mental health and wellbeing. They will video and or interview each other telling the story of their lives during Covid-19. They may choose to include written stories or poems if they don’t want to appear themselves. "Capture Crew" will teach skills, promote social interaction and communication and address social isolation and loneliness. The videos are a great opportunity for the rest of the community to see and hear what local young people think and feel and maybe then understand them better during and beyond the covid-19 pandemic.

Musical Minds:
Based around disco, karaoke and dance where disadvantaged people with physical and learning disabilities and difficulties can learn new skills through; disco (mixing and creating sounds), karaoke (the power of singing and finding their voice sometimes for the first time) and dance (encouraging movement and physical activity) and express themselves freely without judgment or limitations and have fun, excitement and gain confidence and self-esteem and obtain positive therapeutic benefit leading to improved mental health.

If you would like more information please get in touch.