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Calling all Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels and Hairdressers


Following the resounding success of our ‘Covid-19 Secure Safety Pack’ for workplaces that have been able to open over the last month, we’re delighted to announce that from Friday 26th June 2020 specific Safety Packs for pubs, restaurants, hotels and hairdressers will be available. They include:
• a Covid-19 POLICY and PROCEDURES;
• FIRST AID and FIRE guidance;
• a full Covid-19 RISK ASSESSMENT;
• an employee SAFETY MEMO;
• essential SIGNAGE.

 These packs are easy to use and implement, and are NOT a suite of templates or a copy+paste regurgitation of the government guidance.

 They are a comprehensive pack of documents written specifically for your industry by H&S experts.
 They offer incredible value for money as well as peace of mind.

 Available to purchase from just £119+VAT, contact us directly to order yours now! Call 01270 440 341 or email: