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My Personal Prayer of Remembrance

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My personal prayer of remembrance.

Whilst years apart we were born in the same country. Whilst our childhoods were full of joy and play, our teenage years bare no resemblance.

For you became men and women whilst I remained a boy. You picked up a rifle with fear, and slept with one eye open as the sirens rang out. I picked up a beer and collapsed in a heap and slept soundly.

As I walk in a world in you enhanced, I will do so with humility and respect. For you were deprived of marriage, children and wonderful experiences. Whilst I am grateful to have lived them all with freedom and joy.

So to you who ever you are, looking down today from heaven, Thank You. My family is your family, as without your sacrifice I would never have had the good fortune to be a Son, Brother, Husband, or Father.

I will never forget you, I will give thanks till the day I die that you lived, and that you were the special, beautiful and selfless persons that laid the path of hope and love before me.

May you live through my children and their children for evermore. For the greatest gift my family have ever received is your glorious life and sacrifice.

May God Bless you and keep you my brothers and sisters. You are forever remembered and in our prayers. ߙϢݤ️