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Thought for the Day - Men in Childbirth

I had a lovely 1:1 today with a lady met via Colony Networking, where we discussed the birth of my son and the effect it had on my Mental Health and Wellbeing.


Whilst every man will have nothing but admiration and respect for their partners in childbirth, is it taboo to discuss the impact it has on men?


To give context, we almost lost my son in childbirth, our first born. At no point during our prenatal classes was "what happens when things take a turn for the worse?" discussed. Unprepared I experienced the most traumatic event of my life. In a 20 minute window I was completely helpless, in a state of shock and panic witnessing midwives and doctors struggle to deliver my son whose heartbeat was weakening, concern for both my wifes physical and mental health should the worst happen, I could go on.


After the birth whilst cradling my son I was asked "Are you Ok", the instant response with my boy in my arms "Yes".


The reality, nightmares of reliving the experience, where either my son, wife or both were lost to me. Constantly on edge thinking something could happen still to them.


Whilst I neither asked for, or received professional help, fellas, don't be like me, look after yourself to best look after your family.


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