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BCR Insolvency: Here to Help


BCR Insolvency: Here to Help

Tel 0333 014 3454

As this unprecedented crisis affects us all personally and professionally, we wanted to send out a brief message to the South Cheshire business community.

We know that many businesses, ourselves included, are going through a period of turmoil and this is just to say that we are willing to help in any way we can.  As always, we are contactable over the telephone – and as always, we are happy to offer free confidential advice.

We hope that for the vast majority of businesses during this time, insolvency is the last resort. Accessing the government support is the first port of call – see the links to this below - and then there is the possibility of refinancing or restructuring the business.


The key is to seek advice early – the sooner help is sought the quicker all the available options can be reviewed and explored.

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