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PDSA · Charities · Based in Telford
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About PDSA

We exist to provide compassionate vet care for those in need. We’re here for the person and their pet, as a family.

We know that pets enrich our lives and are good for our wellbeing. So no-one should be denied the benefits of their companionship, and certainly no pet should suffer, due to financial difficulty. Often it’s the people most in need who need a pet the most.

We are a national charity with a huge impact on local communities through our 48 Pet Hospitals across the UK, providing 2.5 million veterinary treatments a year.

Providing this life saving service costs over £64m to deliver, with no Government or National Lottery funding we rely entirely on the generosity of the general public to continue offering our support to the communities most in need.

To think that some people have to say goodbye to their beloved pets simply because they can’t afford veterinary care is heart-breaking, we really need the help of our corporate community to ensure that this vital lifeline for our poorest pet owners is not taken away.
What We Do
Human and Animal support

Pets are part of the family, so we believe that our business community could help ease the suffering of our poorest families and their pets by supporting PDSA via a corporate partnership.

There are many ways we could work together, some options are detailed as follows:

Corporate partnerships

Corporate partnerships can take several forms, such as sponsorship of our events or pet hospitals. We aim to form strategic partnerships that align with our cause. These partnership opportunities can provide great benefits to your brand and build awareness of the positive impact you are having in local communities. It can also help to strengthen our strategic objectives by helping us deliver the best possible pet wellbeing outcomes for people in need and by helping us be better known, loved and understood.

Affiliate partnership / Cause related marketing

Promote your product through an association with PDSA as it provides greater credibility in the eyes of the consumer and potentially attracts new customers for the business, in return PDSA receives commission from goods sold.

Employee fundraising

Your employees could choose PDSA as their charity for fundraising or where we have a pet hospital in the local area. (The nearest to Crewe is Stoke-on-Trent).

Payroll giving

Payroll giving is the simple and tax-efficient way of donating through an employee’s salary and can also be a demonstration of your company’s commitment to good causes by enabling individuals to donate to the charity of their choice. Setting up payroll giving is easy, with government approved payroll handling the administration. Matching your employees’ donations is another great internal PR message and this can be offset against profits as a charitable donation so could form part of your wider CSR work.

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