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Ian Carroll
Managing Director
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Ian Carroll · Managing Director @ MBS IT
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Ian Carroll MBS IT
Small business grants up to £3000 announced in the budget, organised through the local council.... and related to small business rate relief. Be nice if that comes to fruition...
Ian Carroll MBS IT
Corona Virus - Disaster Recovery
Are You Prepared?

Cases of home isolation are on the increase and MBS IT has been approached by business owners asking us to provide advice with regards to minimisin...
Ian Carroll MBS IT
**Malware Alert** **Ransomware** Only last week a customer of MBS IT unfortunately were on the receiving end of a Ransomware attack. Previously their security was beefed up by ESET Anti Virus, they d...
Ian Carroll MBS IT
Ian Carroll MBS IT
Not that I am shy, but it was -26 degrees and the sea in the back ground was frozen
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