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Direct Access · Consultants (Design) · Based in Nantwich
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Established in 2004, Direct Access is an accessibility consultancy supporting organisations to improve access.
What We Do
Access Consultancy - working with architectural and construction firms on new build or refurbishment designs.

Access audits - working with owners of existing buildings or services to review accessibility and make recommendations.

Access equipment - supply and installation of a range of ancillary aids from evacuation chairs to hearing induction loops.

Personal Protective Equipment - a range of PPE supplies aimed at Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Care Homes and Third Sector organisations that work with disabled people.

Access Media - production of Braille and large print transcription, tactile maps and sign language translation videos.
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Direct Access
Dementia friendly Nantwich and Direct Access produce dementia guide for local businesses.

Two Nantwich organisations have joined forces to produce a guide to help local businesses to become more dement...
Direct Access
Direct Access
Direct Access has a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment and hygiene dispenser systems available. We are a supported business - all of our employees have a disability therefore each order helps...
Direct Access
Direct Access
Direct Access
Direct Access
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