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Coach House Forge Ltd
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Coach House Forge Ltd · Giftware/Promotional · Based in Nantwich
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Personalised hand crafted metalwork made with great care and patience.

Established in 2014, Coach House Forge Ltd. is a first generation, family run Blacksmithing business set in the heart of Cheshire, England. We are a husband and wife team, Chris is the Blacksmith whilst Amy is the creative driving force behind the business. Between us, we share out the multitude of daily tasks that are essential to the running of a successful business. Together we continue to build on a reputation for delivering high quality, unique & personalised, hand forged products with excellent customer service.

Chris has always loved working with his hands and fell in love with Blacksmithing after enrolling on a training course many years ago. Since then, Chris has dedicated his working life to the art of forging iron & steel.

Amy runs the creative side of the business including the marketing, photography and design. She has a real flair for creating and developing new products so expect to see new items from the forge very soon.

With our attention to detail and dedication to great customer service, we offer the best quality iron and steel gifts for you and your loved ones.
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Coach House Forge Ltd
Coach House Forge Ltd
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