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Cheshire Connect
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Cheshire Connect · Charities · Based in Crewe
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Cheshire Connect matches the skills and expertise of local businesses and professionals, kindly offered for free, with the needs of the voluntary and community sector. Working together, we are creating more successful and sustainable voluntary organisations. Cheshire Connect is good for businesses, great for charities, and even better for those served by the voluntary sector.
What We Do
Your local Cheshire Connect provider will visit you to discuss the ways in which you can get involved, the skills that your business can offer and the level of commitment you would like to make. It’s up to you how much time you donate. Every bit helps! Your Cheshire Connect business connector then matches your skills with a suitable charitable request. If you are happy with the match and wish to support that charity then your Cheshire Connect connector will arrange a meeting between you and the charity. Once the scope of your support is agreed, your Cheshire Connect connector will keep a 'watching brief' in the background and subsequently, collect your feedback to evaluate the benefits of the collaboration.

Benefits of Participating In Cheshire Connect:

A simple structured way to contribute to your society and community.

Identification of which charity community and faith groups need support, targeting those with greatest need.

Suitable pairing with an organisation that matches your values and both personal and corporate goals.

Positive publicity – for your organisation to share the experience of donating skills via Cheshire Connect with staff, customers and your stakeholders in the community.

Strengthened relationship with staff, improved morale and performance.

Staff development and new contacts made outside your own organisation.

Tangible, evaluated results based on the skills your business has provided.

Recognition as a Good Corporate Citizen.
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Cheshire Connect
Cheshire Connect
Cheshire Connect
Good morning, if you are a new member of the South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and a charity/non-profit organisation, please get in touch with Cheshire Connect. We offer peer support and facilitate...
Cheshire Connect
Cheshire Connect
How we manage during these times will be a test of our resolve and resilience but often when we are thrust into a crisis, we can discover our greatest strengths. Many people are stepping up to support...
Cheshire Connect
Cheshire Connect
Our Cheshire Connect services are usually more strategic and long term sustainability support covering a wide range of business, professional, corporate and academic skills. However, during this cri...
Cheshire Connect
Hello Chamber,

The Wishing Well are in desperate need of bulk supplies of ‘hand sanitiser’ if anyone has ideas where they may acquire a quantity. I guess this will also be in demand for The Lighthouse ...
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