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Products, Promotion and (Possibly) Profits: Sports Entrepreneurship Revisited. Public Lecture by Pro

Visiting Research Professor Wray Vamplew will be delivering a public lecture 'Promotion, Products and (Possibly) Profits: Sports Entrepreneurship Revisited'? based on his extensive research into the history of sports entrepreneurship.

This talk by a world-leading sports historian offers a reinterpretation of what we mean by a sports entrepreneur, expanding the concept to cover motivations other than profit and using sports history examples to show that sports entrepreneurs can include sportspersons, circus owners and theatrical impresarios, charity fundraisers, those running workers’ organisations, military personnel, and even criminals.


The talk will discuss the nature of the sports product and how entrepreneurs have increased the quantity and improved its quality. It will note that In many ways sports entrepreneurs are no different from other entrepreneurs in that they are concerned with strategic planning, talent acquisition, and public relations, but there are some differences stemming from the nature of the sport product and from sport being a special form of industry due to its economics not always being congruent with those of more conventional business. Hence the lecture will examine the economic environment within which sports entrepreneurs have operated including some of the peculiar economics that have existed in sport.

Friday, June 17, 2016 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm
Couzens 0-1, Cheshire Campus, Manchester Metropolitan University
United Kingdom
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