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NetworkIN Cheshire Team Northwich

Christmas Meeting

NetworkIN supports all advocates and their businesses, and offers any small company or sole trader a strong community in which to prosper despite current challenges. The ethos is - together we are stronger.

Team Northwich is an extremely person-centred group. Their caring and supportive nature oozes from the room and a healthy number of opportunities are passed between advocates when they meet fortnightly, on a Friday at 7:00am.

Advocates are currently looking for new members to join proactive meetings and a warm welcome awaits anyone who feels they can grow from being part of the team.

TAKE ACTION today and secure your virtual seat to sample a meeting.

Team Northwich currently meet online using the NetworkIN conferencing software. The platform is easy to use with no third-party account activations, registrations or payment required.

Attendee numbers are restricted and a sector-exclusive policy is in place to allow for a positive meeting experience. Face-to-face meetings will resume in the New Year.

Book here: NetworkIN::Insight - Meeting Attendance

Friday, December 10, 2021 7:00 am - 8:45 am
United Kingdom
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