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Tuesday 29th January - New Start Up Network - I wish I had known that ...

This is a free event to help anyone thinking fo starting a business.

How to get your business off to a great start - if only I'd known that. The first of a series of workshops designed to help those who are thinking of setting up a business, or have just started the process. Whether you are involved in a small enterprise working from home, or a business out of a box, this workshop will take you through the basics, and give you the opportunity to register for our continuing programme.

The first of the workshops is free on 29th January, thereafter there is a small charge to cover costs

  • Cash is King: Financing your Business

  • You are the Brand: Marketing Strategy

  • So I have to manage the business as well?

  • I'm not a Salesman: How to find customers

  • It's just a room of people: Networking made easy

The New Networks is 'not for profit' so the cost is low, to pay for the room and admin costs. If any monies are left over these will be donated to the Buddy Bag Foundation the Charity we support, who help children taken into refuge following violence in the home.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 9:45 am - 12:00 pm
Cheshire College
United Kingdom
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