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Donatable · Public Relations · Based in Crewe
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Donatable is a social enterprise that has been setup to support local businesses, enrich charities and develop a thriving, active community.

We understand the opportunity of businesses benefiting locally from investing into their communities as part of a corporate and social responsibility scheme, building businesses brand equity, loyalty and trust within the local population.

Donatable provides businesses in Cheshire the platform to benefit from local PR and press opportunities, whilst supporting the charities and communities in our local area.
What We Do

By investing into an annual membership with Donatable, your business will benefit from brand recognition and affiliation with Donatable and their active community schemes, charitable donations and live events. Whilst increasing your brand, product and service awareness through social media, PR promotions and event affiliation managed directly through the Donatable team.


We are committed to investing a minimum of 50% of our profits into local causes that benefit our most vulnerable people.

Our passion lies in collaboration, co-ordination and co-operation. We love the glow that comes from supporting local businesses and local community causes, which is why we exist - to support both. From supporting charities with vulnerable beneficiaries to seeing the recognition of a businesses investment into creating a lasting social impact.


The Donatable scheme means your business will directly benefit from the marketing services delivered by Donatable and the active charitable contributions and community collaboration.

Through our membership reward program, members are able to earn their membership fee back through our referral scheme, in addition to being warded financial credit to spend with other Donatable member businesses.

A full list of member benefits can be found on our membership packages handout and on our website.

Through your contributions, our communities will prosper to create an inclusive, vibrant economy.
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