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David McDonald
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Crewe Clean Team
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David McDonald · Chairman @ Crewe Clean Team
I started Crewe Clean Team at the beginning of 2012 (we held our first litter pick on Macon Way on 7th January) after several fact-finding meetings with similar local groups (Middlewich Clean Team and Sandbach Clean Team) and prospective members.

I had been picking up litter locally for a few years and it struck me that I might not be the only one. Cheshire East Streetscape were able to provide a list of people to whom they supplied refuse sacks on a regular basis and I used this as the basis for an initial mailshot. When we met on Macon Way, there were nine members and by the end of the year this number had increased to 37. In April 2015 we welcomed our 85th member.

When not delegating Crewe Clean Team tasks to Margaret Smith, I work at Stapeley, where in January 2014 I completed 30 years service as an IT professional with the same (allowing for takeovers) company.
What I do at Crewe Clean Team
I have few skills but have realised that I am an expert at hiring coordinators.
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David McDonald Crewe Clean Team
Just to say 'thank you' to Mark at Art of Framing in Nantwich. Very helpful advice when choosing mounts and frames and excellent quality of finished product. Recommended.
David McDonald Crewe Clean Team
David McDonald Crewe Clean Team
Very interesting. I've worked in/at Stapeley House for many years and am always interested in any snippets of history about the place. I was aware that the WW1 hospital here was called 'Cheerbrook' ...
David McDonald Crewe Clean Team
Hi Dawn. I just wondered what sort of feedback you had had and if any plans for commemoration were taking shape. Thank you.
David McDonald Crewe Clean Team
I'm sure we'd all like to send our best wishes to Alan and his staff at Cartridge World as they recover from the fire that hit their premises on Nantwich Road.
David McDonald Crewe Clean Team
Is this an opportunity to think about a permanent museum in Crewe? Many of the displays and exhibits suggested for this will be 'rolling ones' - changing as we move forwards to commemorating the end ...
David McDonald Crewe Clean Team
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