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Crewe Clean Team
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Crewe Clean Team · Environmental · Based in Crewe
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Crewe Clean Team is a community group of volunteers.

We are local residents who are passionate about improving our environment. We are achieving this through regular communal litter picks, bulb planting and other related activities. We will seek to educate local children in-school and to encourage their participation wherever practical.

We held our first litter pick in January 2012 and have held at least one each month since. We have removed over 2000 sacks of rubbish from the streets and open spaces of Crewe and recycled over 140,000 cans in that time. Our membership now stands at over 140.

We held our first annual bulb planting in October 2013. Cubs from the 1st South West Cheshire planted 300 daffodils at Christ Church in the centre of Crewe. These were placed around the war memorials in the churchyard and formed a poignant display in the centenary year of the outbreak of The Great War. The following year the cubs joined us to plant over 350 bulbs in the same churchyard. In 2015, we planted another 500 daffodils and crocuses in the churchyard. The following year we planted several hundred daffodils and helped the Rotary Club of Crewe to plant 1000 purple crocuses to commemorate the virtual elimination of polio.

We have supported Comic Relief on each occasion, raising nearly £250 in 2013 and over £500 in 2015. We raised over £450 in 2017.

In 2014, we were presented with the inaugural Crewe Town Council Community Award by Crewe Town Mayor, Councillor Irene Faseyi at the Mayor's Charity Ball held at Crewe Hall.

In 2019, we were given a Civic Award for our 'contribution towards Animals, the Environment and Wildlife'.
What We Do
We meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month somewhere in Crewe and litter pick for 60-90 minutes. We recycle any aluminium cans or foil that we find. Afterwards, we go for a cuppa and a chat. As our membership continues to grow, we will hold more regular events. We have purchased our own equipment and this allows members to keep their own locales litter-free between the communal events. We have our own public liability insurance, which includes an element of personal accident cover for our members.

We hold an annual bulb-planting day - usually in a local churchyard.

We have recently instigated the Crewe Anti Litter Forum, in which representatives from local agencies join to suggest, implement and monitor solutions to particular litter problems in our town.

We investigate other ways of making our town more pleasant - planting wild flowers and trees, for instance and championing personal ashtrays and specific bins for chewing gum.

We persuaded Cheshire East Council to add balloon releases to the list of events that are not permitted on Council land.

We have written 'Towards Greener Developments in Crewe', which details wildlife-friendly measures which must be present in any urban development. This is being adopted by Crewe Town Council.

Our focus will shift slightly towards education. The litter picks will continue but we are putting together an assembly which we will take into local primary schools to spread the message that littering is unacceptable.

Our website is still being developed but you can follow our exploits at or on Twitter - @crewecleanteam - or Facebook - CreweCleanTeam.
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Crewe Clean Team
Thank you for the kind words, Angela.
Crewe Clean Team
Angela Wilkinson
so easy to do app downloaded keep up the good work
Crewe Clean Team
Thank you for the kind words, Angela.
Crewe Clean Team
Crewe Clean Team
Crewe Clean Team
Thank you.
Crewe Clean Team
Crewe Clean Team
Crewe Clean Team

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Crewe Clean Team
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Crewe Clean Team
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