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Difficult times but some saving graces.  Over the past five weeks since lockdown, I have probably spoken more to the neighbours than I have over the last five years.  The last time I clapped on my fro...
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SG World
Free Essential Worker Thank You Posters
  Well times are tough at the moment but it would obviously be a lot tougher if it wasn’t for our key workers keeping the NHS and other essential services operational. It’s been lovely seeing Thank ...
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5 Reasons Why it is Important to Continue Advertising i...
Challenging and turbulent times force us to rethink our strategies and adapt to the situation. When the going gets tough, businesses take a hit. The coronavirus crisis, for example, has triggered an u...
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Peter McCleave
Choice - Own Your Opinion
    Remember the good old days?   Before Corona virus took over?   When countries divorced and a billion euros could be found down the back of the sofa to fix a Parisian church?   If you take a moment...
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