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Entrepreneurial working space Survey

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A new survey is available to assess the benefits of creating a 'Light Box'.  The concept for the Light Box is to develop an Innovative Incubation and Information centre that will be accessed by the community, education and businesses that are focussed within Crewe.  The proposal is for the Light Box to offer a variety of business, social and educational opportunities and support the development of entrepreneurial ideas within a collaborative working space.  It is desired that it will become a central point that will bring together new and existing opportunities and act as a broker to link together projects and people. It will be a place to explore business ideas and to engage with the vast knowledge that is currently within Crewe.  More information can be found in the attached visioning document. The survey is available now on Survey Monkey at  

Visioning document MMU.pdf (302.97 kb, 435 views)