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Professional jealousy – simply perfect

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Have you ever seen something that is such a simply perfect representation of a brand or idea that all you can think is: “Bum, I wish I’d thought of that”? or even: “Bum, I could have thought of that!”

Sometimes the world’s cleverest creatives hit such an inspired but obvious note that it makes us seriously jealous. Ideas that are so self-evident that we all wonder why they didn’t occur to us.

We’ve discussed this at length in our office. And these are just a few of the things that bring out the seriously green-eyed monster in us…

  • Driving down the motorway and seeing a Tesco delivery van that bears the unpretentiously brilliant statement – Freshly clicked
  • Grabbing a sandwich and trying to fight the urge not to buy a bottle of Coke just because it says our name, our partner’s name or even our dog’s name.
  • Watching telly and wanting desperately to trade in our perfectly fine cars so we, too, can go on a Mini adventure

When you’re coming up with ideas that seem dreadful… trite… bonkers… and you feel you’ll never get anywhere, keep at it.

Quite often it takes that painful journey through the randomly strange, seen it all before, and even… I’m going to get sacked if I present this rubbish… to reach the perfectly simple and obvious solution. And when you get there – and have no idea why it’s taken so long – you’ll know you’ve finally got it right.

Tell us what simple perfection brings out the green-eyed monster in you…

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 like this.
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