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Bottoms up Rik

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The sudden passing of Rik Mayall this week created one of those moments that make you stop and think. When someone high profile or not, dies who is younger than yourself, it is I feel, a time to reflect on what you have got, before you move on again.

I will be clear and admit that I was not one his greatest fans although for me he did create two of the greatest characters on TV in Alan B’Stard and Captain Flashheart where those of my readers with screen savers of Myley Cyrus or Justin Bieber would do well to seek out back episodes of the New Statesman and Blackadder 2 and 4.

If you look at these characters then whilst outwardly distasteful they both harbour a bit of secret guilt in all of us. Imagine having a bank manager who was a cross between the two. In the first place he would probably own your business by now and in the second your wife. Politically correct these characters may no longer be but funny they were.

The fact that Rik Mayall died at 56 is a reminder to us all to get on and do it before it is too late.

So if like Flashheart you feel a stirring in your loins that makes you want to go out and take on the world with the aid of a Chamber Loan, take ten minutes out, have a cup of tea, ungird those loins before contacting me at the Chamber where I will gladly listen to your cunning plan.

Hopefully this won’t involve writing a new English dictionary or inventing 150 recipes for turnips but it might be a fitting tribute to Rik Mayall in being individual, daring, exciting and hopefully a bit of fun. Bang on!

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