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Transfer Window

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Having just seen the closure of the football transfer window, I have to wonder about the sanity of the world we live in.

Here we have one football team paying another £100M euro and then signing the player to a six year contract on £300,000 per week.

These are easy numbers to say but when you sit back and realise that this salary equates to around £30 a minute then I think we all need to take a sharp intake of breath, sit back, exhale and gaze upwards with a wry smile.

You would have to work around 5 hours on the minimum wage to earn this footballer’s minute and don’t forget that a footballer can earn at this rate when he is sat at the poker table or in the tattoo parlour, not simply for spending 90 minutes on a football pitch.

So how do we in business square the circle? Do we shuffle off into the distance bemoaning the modern World and long for the days of Stanley Matthews, Woodbine in the dressing room and a firm handshake for the goal scorer?

Football today is considerably more commercial and television revenues have made the difference. To put things further into perspective, if you go to Hong Kong there are 3 TV channels dedicated solely to Premier League games and clearly this exposure will come at a price for the Hong Kong broadcaster. The sales at Manchester United’s shop are around six times the revenues for Crewe Alex Football Club and the cost of watching a game is now considerably more than my first visit to Old Trafford which with coach travel, admission and programme came to the equivalent of 14 pence.

Truth is we need to embrace these success stories. Congratulate these extremely wealthy young sportsmen and women who have secured lucrative income and sponsorship deals and introduce them to our sons and daughters.

Success stories can breed success and rather than shake our heads disapprovingly perhaps we should analyse the offering and see what we can take from this success and apply to ourselves.

At the Chamber we can’t promise anywhere near a meaningful contribution for you to employ Gareth Bale as your sales manager but we can provide finance that may help you take your business into the Premier League.

As for myself, I understand that another Chamber is after my services so I am preparing myself for the unveiling in front of 30,000 adoring fans by practicing my keepy-uppy skills with a football in the car park. Unfortunately I have thus far removed 2 wing mirrors, an offside windscreen wiper and a Skoda badge.

For me, perhaps it’s a case of another window closing!

AMX Business Solutions
Another masterpiece from Mr Weilding!
Crewe Clean Team
I think we will find that the relative discrepancy in wages is explained when we quantify the damage caused by Mr Bale practicing right foot keepy-uppies in the staff car park at the Bernabeu.
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