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Life changing Pain Relief

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It’s one of our mantras – “Pain doesn’t have to be a part of life”.

What does chronic pain do to a person’s life?

It can change their role within the family

It can prevent daily routines

It can affect work

It can prevent sleep

Each one of these changes causes a myriad of additional negative effects, including anxiety, depression and anger, feeling demoralised, misunderstood or worthless.

Additionally, family members and friends can also be affected as a result.

As a podiatry clinic, our focus has always been about dealing with pain in the lower limbs and feet but we see our patients from the knee up too!

And we listen.

We hear about other issues that our patients are dealing with, which is why we have wanted for a long time to be able to help people further.

Taking on The Super Inductive System (S.I.S.) has allowed us to help patients who suffer with pain other than in the lower limb or feet and we have seen terrific results.

It’s worth reading about one particular patient, Patsy Mottram, here in The Nantwich News:

Or following Patsy’s journey on Facebook or Instagram as she completes her  S.I.S. course and gets a new lease of life!


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