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The More Things Change...

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Wasn’t it those well known philosophers Bon Jovi who said ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same’?

My Grandson advised me the other day that he had double history at school and when I asked him what he was studying he told me it was medical developments in Medieval Britain.

Now don’t get me wrong I am all for making history more interesting and accessible but where did they drag this on up from.

Not a sign of a monarch’s reign or indeed a war whether it be the Napoleonic one or the one of Jenkin’s Ear. (Look it up).

You knew where you stood with history then. A monarch reigned for a number of years. Married several politically convenient spouses and killed slightly more irritating enemies. Wars ground themselves on for several years with the odd significant battle thrown in amongst many more years of scrimmaging with not a lot of progress.

Various peace treaties were signed to ensure that students in the twentieth century had specific dates they could hand their proverbial hats on during their studies.

All this served to provide a lucrative TV career for quirky historians from David Starkey, through Lucy Worley to even Jeremy Paxman.

Scroll forward to modern times and we can all experience history today as our Prime Minister is found guilty of unlawfully proroguing Parliament. The President of the USA faces an action for impeachment and Europe and the Middle East is in turmoil as different factions clash.

And where will this take us in years to come as history moves on?

Well, if recent events are anything to go by, nowhere at all.

Parliament has recommenced with very little sign that we will get any nearer fulfilling a mandate given to it in a democratically undertaken referendum. Internal politics and personally held beliefs of MPs appear to outweigh the votes of the people.

All very disappointing and frankly when we look back at things – extremely tiresome and dull.

Nowhere near the levels achieved in the seventeenth century by Oliver Cromwell and the erstwhile King Charles.

Quite honestly I can see future generations of students still seeking the finer detail of Medieval  medicines rather than the machinations of 21st century politicians in order to enhance their understanding of whatever makes up their society.

The one thing that is certain is uncertainty and in the absence of an early conclusion to what has become a tiresome interchange of a political football, we can only look to the here and now as we see it. Whatever your conclusions and it appears no one can gauge any view that can be relied upon, should funding for your business be an agenda item then please get in touch where we shall not be prorogued, shouted down or most certainly never accused of a bad hair day.

Going back to Medieval Medicine, I understand that the period was badly affected by lack of resources in public health, inadequate numbers of well- trained medical staff and general social and political disorder.

Who said history can’t teach us anything ??