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Workplace Car Parking

Workplace Car Parking

Parking is becoming more of a challenge for businesses and their employees. Costs, space and tougher planning rules create headaches for employers and employees alike especially in the urban environment.  Recognising that these issues are not going away, businesses are looking for smarter solutions.

Problems with workplace parking can affect productivity and morale throughout an organisation. Census data shows that more than 60% of commuting journeys in the UK are made by car, with employers providing up to four million parking spaces for employees, customers and visitors at their premises.  Legally, there is no obligation on employers to provide parking (free or otherwise) for employees.  As working hours and shift patterns extend beyond the traditional ‘nine-to-five’, especially in service industries, an approach of limited parking spaces allocated solely on a first come, first served basis becomes increasingly a problem for both employees and the organisation. 

Park View Business Centre offers plenty of free car parking facilities because of its great rural location.  Is it time you consider a move and give yourself and your employees hassle free parking?.