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Hosted Telephone System

All our businesses/tenants are now on a Hosted Telephony system.   Our providers run extensive tests to ensure our internet speeds of up to 100 mbs are efficiently handles all traffic. 

Benefits of our Hosted Phones:-

·         Call forwarding

·         Voicemail

·         Network Calls

·         Log/phonebook

·         Network conferencing and more

·         Auto-deployment, plug-and-play

·         Ability to work from home

·         Twinning with your mobile

·         Music on hold

·         Ability to use Phone Buddy

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We have various office spaces available here as a new phase of office conversion is nearing completion at Park View Business Centre. Whether for yourself or a team of up to 20 we can accommodate all. Why not come take a look and see what we have to offer! For all enquiries please ring 01948 661600 or email

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