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Game of Thrones, Thanos’s Stones and Local Loans

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Over the past seven days I have indulged myself in the finer arts of blockbuster movies and television.

Whilst my ability to identify the myriad of Superheroes that graced The Avengers End Game might not be on a par with that of my 13 year old grandson, I did find myself swept along by the roller coaster of special effects that filled most of the 3D experience.

Unfortunately my television indulgence was less successful in that 82 minutes of Game of Thrones viewing involved me trying to make out what was happening amidst the darkness that descended on my screen with the occasional torch throwing some light on proceedings. My understanding of things was not helped by dialogue being at a premium. Still who am I to question the legion of fans of the series?

I had to restore normality, so indulged myself further via the Oscar Winning ‘As Good As It Gets’.

Very reassuring to hear intelligent dialogue, expressive acting and not a trace of CGI.

South Cheshire Development Agency would like to meet those of you who operate within the real World, who, to your employees, you are a superhero and you operate a policy of not keeping your staff in the dark. Your financials are not part truth, part CGI and part mythology. Your marketplace is here and now and not across several universes or in lands several hundred miles North of Thurso.

And if you can maintain a coherent dialogue without resorting to mysticism, extreme violence or time travel.

On the assumption that your budgets are not in the same league as the producers of The Avengers or GOT then give us a call and maybe we can find some funding more in keeping with the reality of your situation. Oh and by the way you also need to believe that where you are with your business is not necessarily As Good As It Gets.